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Symptoms Treatment and Prevention of Children’s Vomiting

The vomiting of children helps the child’s gastrointestinal system to get rid of the bad things in his stomach. But your little child vomits or vomits more often, so this can be the underlying cause. If you are often worried about your children’s vomiting. It is possible through the powerful removal of stomach contents through the mouth or sometimes by the nose.

The child does this only when there is excessive food intake, gastrointestinal, contaminated food or any illness. So you should ensure that the reason for the child is in the advice of the doctor. The vomiting of the disease is a natural action, it is not a disease. Some common types of vomiting of children are as follows:

1. Breaking of milk – when it occurs, when your baby is breastfeeding, it can be due to excessive amount of milk in her stomach.

2. Rebirth- This vomiting is usually done in infants, when the child’s top valve is accidentally left open, food can be reversed by food pipes, it is not a disease. It gets better with time.

3. Projectile of vomiting – This happens when your child exposes the contents of his stomach in a powerful way.

Causes of the Child Vomiting

Let’s try to know the reasons for the vomiting of some normal children,


1. When your child is suffering from stomach flu infection, he keeps vomiting regularly from time to time.

2. In order to have gastroenteritis in children, microbes can include vaquaria, viruses and parasites. Due to this can be severe.

Food allergy

1. There may be many foods present in your baby’s belly to flush an unwanted process, like eggs, peanuts, salfis, wheat and milk etc.

2. Your child may experience vomiting and pain with him after taking allergic foods.

1. When your child suffers heavy emotional mistakes, entering into a new school, participating in the competition or under pressure of examinations, she can often do nitrol and vomiting.

2. Your response to children can also make emotional pressure.

food poisoning

1. Food poisoning increases your chances of this problem in your child to experience severe hose and vomiting.

2. Harmful germs present in non-meals, meats and dairy products often cause food poisoning.

3. Other responses from food poisoning in children such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea may occur.


When your child is passing through an infected disease, due to obstruction of acid and digestive system in the stomach it can face this problem.


When your child is suffering from an emotional trauma or tumor of the brain, then severe bleeding due to inflammation can occur.

Other diseases

1. There are some other diseases that can force your child to vomit, such as acidity slurry, ear infections, swine flu and seasonal allergies and fever etc.

2. The adverse effects of some strong drugs like antibiotic or painkillers can make your child suffer from this problem.

3. Stone stones can cause this problem in small children.

Symptoms of Vomiting

Some symptoms of vomiting of children are as follows:

1. Dizziness and dehydration

2. Dizziness and rapid heart beat

3. Pelly skin and irritation

4. Having sleep, diarrhea and fever

5. Stomach pain, swelling and drop of saliva

6. severe headache and lack of appetite

7. Dehydration is one of the worst side effects of vomiting of the children, such as dry mouth, fast and deep breath, tears of absence during crying, fatigue excessive sleep, low frequency of urination and blurred eyes etc.

Diagnosis of children’s vomiting

The doctor will study your child’s physical condition closely and may ask you what is the reaction of the child before vomiting, whether food and drink, etc. On the basis of that, the doctor starts the treatment process and can also suggest some tests, such as-

1. Blood test – With this test, the doctor tries to know that there is no infection or serious illness of the child.

2. Ultrasound- The sound wave can display the internal organs of the body, so that the doctor knows whether the child has any digestive problems or not.

3. The CT-X-ray machine takes a vivid picture of your baby’s stomach, by a computer, the doctor can tell what the problem is to the child.

Treatment of vomiting of children

Treatment depends on the severity and condition of your child, even though a physician will want to ensure that the child is not dehydrated due to the loss of fluid in the first goal of treatment, the doctor will also be able to recruit your child in the hospital. Can do it.

Some types of treatment of vomiting of children can be as follows:

1. Anti-medicinal drug- This drug effectively calms your baby’s stomach and removes the problem of smoking.

2. Antibiotic- Your child may suggest antibiotics to fight the onset of flu and bacterial infections.

3. An oral rehydration solution – Your child may need to take ORs to prevent severe dehydration. 

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