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What is Space And Gravity

What is Space And Gravity

The beginning was dark only and then due to which the creation of material things and now there is no limit to our place, as we call universe, there are gravity from the stars, and tomorrow we call someone to break without existence. Not being the most madness of the universe, the Creator kept moving his glorious universe.Work on every big and small scale, fine rotten bricks are all ages and energies, so Particles make two planet stars and Lucks Grading. Girls Wats App Another tax in every way, every starch and Moscow ticket is done. Due to that, our system is a solar system, and all the other universities of the universe, if we throw them in a distance from a few centimeters, some hours later slowly collapse each other, our world forms how our sun is different. It is made which is connected to each other because of privacy. Similarly,

small things are turning into prayer The distance between the NT force and the meaning of how much a weight weighs from the second Abjad is to move hot-polishing power projects to the LM Wool Message, when the British Brits Prize Internet is seen falling down on the ground. The world has changed, but some people do not agree that they say that if someone falls on earth then why does not John do on Earth? Call for living due to the late Christopher composite will pass, but if more force is given So some more will go away, but if we throw it at a distance of 75,000 km, it’s out of the ground, and it’s around the ground. The moon will start to decline because the moon does not do the ground because the moon is already rotating around the earth, Newton has made a touristic ammunition followed by the artist, but some of them are also strange who say that again What if a person travels from one end of a planet’s internal tunnel to the other end, will he fall into the space, what does not happen, no matter what you are going to do inside the tunnel, the speed accelerated and then in the center As soon as the Reverse Action begins, the Universe is the most secure. It trades the small-wasted ingredients of Ainstein. According to our solar system, if the sun is removed from the solar system or for some time,

it will be released in the free freight of the earth.How many of Faiz’s head was introduced by Sir Isaac Newton’s second Adam, but when he saw that the bird was flying in the air, I started thinking that man could even do more, no human needed anything else for him. In the fourth century CE, a sign test aristotro climbed that the movement of anything in the universe and its effect was not for no reason, but the vast majority of vitamins in the universe, for example, our earth sun and big stars Because of nature, move towards the center of the universe and the twelve whose mask is light, for example, due to their power and On the side, and according to Aristotle’s slides, big-hit bodies are not attracted to our land. It does not move that no outer post interrupts, nor the small waves arising out of the ocean in our land Due to gravity, which often occurs in the night, if 118 kilometers and according to it, the Islamic world has seen very beautiful from today, not today, that university has the power to attract such attractive black It looks attractive that the graduate degree grade, but if any one gets one and I Uty themselves are also driving the entire solar system if the network service York County.

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