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How Dose It Make Gold

Friends, you have ever thought that where we or our families use gold today and how to make it possible you will also be thinking that things like something made in the earth, such as other things, It’s not at all but it’s made in space extensions from Earth, so let’s see how it reached our land. I am thankful to you and your credit card to your credit exit channel. How do you start sleeping with our new video, it’s the secret that has been a chemistry for thousands of years. The center is now and finally the dentists have resolved this matter. These precious metal factories have resulted in the collision between the nervous stars, breaking them into the universe, spreading into the universe, and the worst of the other major organs. Walking along with the planet or stars remained in the trumpet and the planet went into the attractive land of our land and thus it came to our land. Such a space collision produces massive energy, it is essential for gold platinum and silver manufacture, but now the first time it is known. How it is 17 August 2017 The astronomers from the United States caught the sign of confrontation of wires from one another to another million million years ago, so that it was so powerful that it was forbidden to the earth’s earth so that it could be understood. What is and, as soon as they saw the result of the collision, they saw the chemical marks that came to see in gold and silver, platinum, formed from the nervons at the time when the big stars They die and their proteins and electronics are formed to form nitroons, small but extremely expensive. Hey formed, the two stars who were seen in August were seen in a universe similar to those who were moving towards each other for millions of years, after which they roamed around each other and broke it. The night after which experts specializing in gold and silver were year-old, how are friends, surely you have come to know that this gold is not here but because of us, I have come to our land.

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