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is around 25,000 today, but every human being wants to know about the future that it is about 20 years since the treatment of 2050 but every human is keen to know about the future. Although knowledge of the unseen is only with Allah, and the person knows that what is going on after the next, in the world, what will happen in 2050, what is known to Allaah alone, but the person who is not a specialist Mickey looks fascinating about this, he has made a variety of predictions, in this video, we will tell you about his predictions that he can claim What is the nature of there and what is the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) from the history of Islam, what is said about what is claiming that science is not clear, friends should understand here. Before the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said the signs of the Hour, before this, it is also a fact that Darjeel exists in the world that the tale will come to this world, with regard to the sign of the Hour, it is said that the high in the Arab in the desert The buildings will be constructed, that is, it will be very high, it will be artificial rain and the dead will be saved. It shows that when these signs appear to be fulfilled, time will come to pass, that will be a very poor work of the Hour, but now experts who are known to know science are being told by them. It will be done in 2050 that it is clear that the time for the arrival of the Dajal is very close.

Before writing a written description in this video, we believe that you have our channel Not subscribed and subscribe to it as well as click on the icon icon so that more upcoming videos have uploaded them to different channels on the channel. It is mixed and you are entitled to them, friends specialists have offered massive scientific developments in the world by 2050. According to experts, many jobs will be terminated by 2050 as reports are reached. Will and reports will take human jobs, as it is said that by 2050 it is said that the population of the world is 20 percent, it will be very high and the number of cities will be too high in 2050. The reason is the technology is attributed to the technique of poetry which will affect human health, due to which a person is ill It would be said that similar fashion features will be available in the homes of advanced fashion phones, which humans can not think today, but in 2050, humans are called such a kind of jihad. There are such ships that can be seen outside their home when sitting comfortably and they are not self-propelled vehicles to be broken and they are not due to the accident but will be used only. Olympics and Smart Devices to greatly reduce the number of acres will be very common, about which people can not even imagine today. People will be more likely to say that war is said that if there is a huge scale of war in this era, some people will be able to protect themselves with technology and It does not end this world, it claims that those people say that what will happen to this world in the year 2050, 27 is what it says, but it is believed that one day is going to end in this world.

Friends in this video tell us more about the amazing claims from science that experts say that they are always cautious about the future world. It is exciting that experts in this bridge study 10 years later and proposing it for ten years later, said that many people in the world blinded the pilot license supporters of shipbuilding in 2050. And there will be new sources of energy when the matter of food shortage has been overcome, keeping experts special in their predictions and global trends, claiming that in 32 years of biological sciences on technology Growth fast.

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